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on the phone with k-so

This is our convo...completely random Katie is a dork. Amen.

"pass the milk"

"we are so going to college together"

"I miss you"

"Well maybe its b/c you have the kissing disease"

 "You just like saying that because it means monkey in SPANISH"



"Yoga, Yoga, Yogurt, Yoda"

 "Why did you say that?"

 "Cause its a cool word"

"Guess who I saw in ShopRite?"


"Will Farrel"

 "We are the champions...."

"I don't think your mom would trust my driving..."

"No time for losers..."

Explaining the McDonald's drive thru by Katie Sostak

"I love the word thru...its only 4 letters."

 "thru...thruuuu..it sounds like an "o"...no it doesn't. Just kidding!"

 "moooo" "The word of the day is moo" "MOOO to YOUUU"

 hahaha...and that was only a re-cap :-P

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