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My Ode To Ryla-My Experience, Through The Years

I think you guys will appreciate this, well half way, because half of it is about your year, half about mine!!
Love you guys!

I miss RYLA
I miss RYLA '03
bonding like family with my AMAZING art group
our project
the drawings on the board
Joe's girlfriend
and his lazy river
and having to deal with Corey
Mount RYLA-more
sitting around doing nothing forEVER
all the people i met
being able to be just Sarah for a week
FLIRTING, cuz i didn't tell anyone i had a boyfriend till like...wednesday!
and the art group sitting in the Quad at Vassar talking about sex
and that turned into half the conference sitting in the quad talking about sex
and meeting Kelso and thinking she was SO too cool to talk to me haha
and now we're great friends
and her ESP with Elyse
which i still haven't figured out
And being me and fighting with the lecturers
and getting a round of aplause for it!
being brave enough to play the flute in front of everyone at the talent show
and all the walking!!!
the crazy vegan food
the tiny, yet very loud ballerinas
and convincing them i was dating Jon
he was my hot and sexy boyfriend, ya know
for about 2 minutes
and making life long friends!
kate cole
And i can't forget the RYLA '03 Art Group Reunion at the Galleria!
(which needs to happen again, ASAP!!)

I miss RYLA '04
counselor training
rooming with Kate
venting with Kelso
late nights in our crazy suite
the mouse!!
and moving the matresses across the hall
the night in the laundry room
all the gossip
Club Jude-a-Vince
but really just the video tape of it because i'm too female to have seen it!
yeah he was in MY group guys, lucky me (and Cary)
my awesome Yearbook group
all those damn power point slides
and being troopers and learning how to be computer PROS!
being funny little conferees and during free time WORKING ON YOUR PROJECT?!! and not being forced to
The debate
and it's awesomeness
and how great it came out
and how i'm SO crashing RYLA the night of that during RYLA '05
cuz it was so my idea (and Kate's! and the girls i spoke to outside of the dance!)
an amazing graduation
Katie Ann!
even Sean!, tho i think i spoke to him a total of 5 times
and all the jr. counselors

i love that damn RYLA cheer
and the looks on the kids faces the first time you do it
and the looks on the kids faces the last time you do it
because no matter how many times you say it
it never gets old
even when you're not at RYLA any more

i love how conferees talk about it
7 months after it all
because it seriously is
the best week of your life
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