The Mirrored Image of Your Lies (oblivious_eye) wrote in ryla_7210,
The Mirrored Image of Your Lies


Hey everyone, does anyone have any information about becoming a cousoler for the next ryla session?

Let me know if you do.
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I do!

Last year, Elyse, being the then upcoming head counselor, sent us a letter in January i think it was about counselor selection day.

Danielle is the Head C. this year. So, i'm not quite sure how she's going to do it but basically you write a letter about yourself and how you've been using what you learned at RYLA. And then they send you more information in the mail. There is a day where all the kids interested meet at MSMC, or at least that's where it was last year, and the senior counselors, head counselor, and Ed and another woman, Maureen, pick the junior c.'s after a day of activities to get to know you...

hope that helped! Good luck! I recommend it. It's SOO much fun.



December 5 2004, 02:58:57 UTC 12 years ago

hey just a question where exactly do we send the letters in, like the address or whatever?
I don't know the exact address. They go to Maureen. It'll come in the mail, be patient...anonymous huh?