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This is Sarah, the Yearbook 2 counselor!

How you guys been!? How's life Post-RYLA?

I miss everyone so much! Stupid me forgot my yearbook in Kate Cole, the Graduation counselor's car. So i don't have any one's SNs or anything!

Well, i hope school is going well for all of you!


PS: This community looks AWESOME. Love the background...lol, nice job yearbook kids. And i love the little posting links!
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hey sarah its megz. I was in your yearbook 2 group. how's it going?
Haha, I'm glad you like the look of the community....all those late nights on the computers for year book pays off lol.

How have you been sarah? Its Lisa from Yearbook 1.
Megz and Lisa!

I've been doing alright, thanks! How have you been? Have you stayed in touch with any other RYLA kids?

I miss everyone!